Since Jul 2016, Douceur Network had been through the preparatory phase and was finally certified and registered as a formal NPO.

Starting from the care for school lunches, Douceur has become an international communication platform connecting with Japan and Korea by holding various national competitions in filmmaking, food and agriculture program, international interflow and history clarification, as well as gathering the dynamics and responsibilities of our civil society to cater for children, agricultural development and environmental sustainability.

It is one of the most crucial resources of nutrition to provide 1.8 million school lunches for our kids during their presence at school, that is also the most natural and practical opportunity for our children to be educated in healthy nutrition and agricultural industry, as well as bequeathing our culture to them. 

You are what you eat.

At this moment, all of us should make an effort to devote ourselves to food and nutrition education, and become the future opportunity for health and happiness both physically as well as mentally for our children.

Important Track

  • Education and Promotion: Holding Taiwan School Lunch Competition, as well as diverse civilian forums, activity workshops and academic seminars. 
  • Investigation and Research: Analyzing the current environments and policies regarding the school lunch in Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
  • International Communication: Connecting the relevant organizations of advocates for school lunch improvement as well as food and nutrition education in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. 
  • Policy Advocate: Providing the suggestions for national policies on school lunches.
  • Media Broadcast: Making the educational multimedia programs and propaganda papers concerning school lunches, food and agriculture. 


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